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This series of 25 x 23-minute episodes is available on DVD and is offered in 6 volumes (4 episodes in each volume). Get the entire series (approximately 9 hours of programming) or select your favourite volumes.

GENRE: Documentary, Animals


Originally broadcast by Discovery Channel (Canada) and Animal Planet (Canada).

SERIES SUMMARY: “Working Animals” takes you around the world to see the amazing ways animals and people work together.

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Volume One     Runtime: 105 minutes

BONUS: Volume One contains 5 episodes for the price of 4

Episode 1: Killer Whale Ambassadors

Today’s marine park killer whales (or Orcas) are part entertainer, part educator, and part public relations expert. See how killer whales work with trainers and scientists to raise awareness and educate about marine mammals.

Episode 2: Animal Oracles

From fortune-telling birds to the weather-wise groundhogs of Groundhog Day, animals help people foretell and forecast.

Episode 3: The Airport Patrol

The ancient art of falconry goes high-tech as trained birds of prey help falconers prevent collisions between wild birds and aircraft.

Episode 4: Big Cat Actors

Big cats such as lions, tigers, and jaguars are natural stars. Go behind the scenes to see how big cat actors live and work.

Episode 5: Animal Enforcers

See how horses and dogs help law enforcement officers and how insect “informants” help detectives solve murders.[/three_fourth]


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Volume Two     Runtime: 84 minutes 

Episode 6: The Exterminators

See how animals protect human food and property from pests. Meet nature’s exterminators as barn cats eradicate rodents, a hawk and dog evict pesky gulls, and predatory insects protect crops.

Episode 7: The Tour Guides

Llamas take hikers on a mountain adventure and elephants bring travellers into the heart of a forest reserve. Animal tour guides are part of the travel experience as they bring people face-to-face with nature.

Episode 8: The Healers

Ancient animal healers such as leeches and maggots are having a revival in modern medicine while dogs provide therapeutic touch to maintain human brain health.

Episode 9: The Sanitation Engineers

Discover how different species help people recycle waste – from barnyard animals to water-purifying aquatic creatures and oil-eating micro-organisms.[/three_fourth]


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Volume Three     Runtime: 84 minutes

Episode 10: Burdened Beasts

From oxen to llamas and horses to elephants, brawn meets brains when the mighty beasts of burden work with humans. In a world where many animals have been replaced by machines, some still have jobs that require their unique skills.

Episode 11: The Rescuers

Superior senses and physical abilities make animals indispensable for rescue efforts. See how dogs track ‘cold’ trails and how camels form an unusual search and rescue team.

Episode 12: The Medicine Makers

Venomous snakes and scorpions donate toxins to the making of treatments for cancer and stroke. Join intrepid scientists as they work with some of the world’s deadliest creatures.

Episode 13: The Helpers

See how animals help people with disabilities to live independent lives. A miniature horse is a guide for a person who cannot see and dogs help people with hearing impairments or mobility needs.[/three_fourth]


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Volume Four     Runtime: 84 minutes

Episode 14: The Nannies

Animal adoptions go from the commonplace to the usual. A ewe adopts an abandoned lamb, a tame hawk teaches a wild hawk fledgling how to hunt, and a dog babysits a tiger cub and wolf pup.

Episode 15: The Shop Cats

In shops and on wharves, cats provide companionship and pest control. In an unusual twist, the ‘paws that rule the nation’ belong to a colony of feral cats.

Episode 16: The Hunters

Humans team up with animals that help them hunt. In China people fish with cormorants while in Canada an energetic dog called a Nova Scotia Duck Toller lures waterfowl within range. Hawks collaborate with dogs to help humans hunt small game.

Episode 17: The Magicians

People make magic with a range of animal species, from doves and rabbits to a tiger, jaguar, and a cobra.[/three_fourth]


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Volume Five     Runtime: 84 minutes

Episode 18: The Athletes

Discover how horses are bred and trained to be champion jumpers and how camels defy their plodding image to be swift racers. In the air, racing pigeons rocket across hundreds of kilometres.

Episode 19: The Guardians

On a South African farm, ostriches guard livestock from thieves. In North America, an Akbash dog ambushes wolves and a llama protects sheep from coyotes. In India, a monkey sounds the alarm against highway robbers.

Episode 20: The Teammates

Animals and humans play together as nimble polo ponies win the game, llamas take to the golf course as caddies, and dogs run snowy trails in the sport of skijoring.

Episode 21: The Firefighters

Discover how the classic firehouse Dalmatian helped horses get pump wagons to the scene of a blaze. Today, dogs investigate arson, sheep prevent brush fires, and a cat rescues its owner from a burning home.[/three_fourth]


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Volume Six     Runtime: 84 minutes

Episode 22: The Food Gatherers

In France, pigs hunt one of the world’s most expensive and elusive foods – truffles. In Malaysia, monkeys harvest coconuts and in California, honey bees supply the human taste for honey.

Episode 23: The Therapists

The misunderstood stingray reveals its friendly side to help troubled children. Farm animals provide therapy to ease mental and developmental disorders. In South Africa, horse let children leave wheelchairs and braces for the therapeutic motion of riding.

Episode 24: The Envoys

In the desert of Rajasthan, a driverless camel is a courier where no other courier dares to go. In a Canadian raspberry field, bumble bees deliver an unusual payload. Then that famous courier, the homing pigeon, navigates a wilderness to deliver an unusual cargo.

Episode 25: The Recovery Team

With their unique senses and abilities, animals can detect and recover. See how horses locate water, sea lions recover Naval equipment from the ocean floor, and a cadaver dog finds a dead body.[/three_fourth]