The Photograph

hand-crafted motion pictures and digital experiences for all screens


About the Project

A family photograph taken in 1901 reveals its secrets when 100-year-old Victoria Covey tells stories of the people it portrays. As Victoria weaves tales of life, death, migration, and adventure, her stories connect to historic events through archival footage and images. “The Photograph” is about memory, connections, and how history is perceived through the lens of family lore.

Topics: Canadian and American history, Nova Scotia history, the Boston State migrations, female migrant workers, the 1918 flu pandemic, WWI.
[one_half last]Target Audience
Family (ages 10 to adult)

Create a living story of early 20th century life for today’s audiences.

Documentary, 7 mins

Documentary, historic, archival footage and images


Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept development to delivery of the final project.