The Collection

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Trailer and Short Film

Project Title: The Collection (trailer)

Project Title: The Collection


About the Project

Once and awhile I make things to try out ideas or techniques. The Collection was inspired by the idea that the best stories are simple and hold a surprise. In tribute to my love for the visual language of film, it’s a story told without dialogue. Shadow, light, and action combined with audio design speaks to the mind’s eye. To set an old-fashioned tone, I chose an organic look with in-camera effects, prop effects, and a scene with stop-motion animation. Each moment and detail advances the story.

The Collection was made for the love of filmmaking and to explore the realm of the imagination.[/one_half]
[one_half last]Target Audience
Youth, Families

Create a fun short film

Short film, drama-fantasy, 4:50-minutes and trailer, 36-seconds

Live-action with stop motion animation

Screenings and the Web

Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept development to delivery of the final project. Publicity kit.