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Interactive Video Quiz

Project Title: Smart Kid Interactive


About the Project

When a large training project needed to validate some concepts, I created this prototype interactive video quiz to test how users interact with timed multiple choice questions. While the project itself is confidential, I’m permitted to show this example to demonstrate how a simple prototype can test an idea before committing to the design for a large complex project.

Early interactive quizzes had revealed that users, when unsure of their answers, tended to skip questions rather than risk an incorrect answer. Since skipped questions don’t achieve results, it was important to encourage users to participate as much as they could. Using a light, fun approach and simple, clean graphics, I designed and built the interactive videos with calls to encourage attempts and reward successes. When tested with users, the prototype increased answer attempts by 40 percent over the previous version that lacked encouragement cues and time limits.

Thanks to this prototype, the actual project is enjoying savings of time and money and higher user engagement.[/one_half]
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Create a prototype interactive video quiz.

Interactive video quiz

Live-action with graphics

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Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept development to delivery of the final project.