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Project Title: Grapetrail

Project Title: Amintro


About the Project

As a member of the leadership team for Silicon Peel (a startup entrepreneur group), I wanted to help promote their Mentoring Program.
The creative concept had to appeal to a diverse two-pronged target audience – prospective mentors and mentees – and it had to authentically present the program. To capture that authenticity, I opted for a documentary style in which the participants would tell their own stories.
This project posed 2 challenges. First, the documentary approach relies heavily on characters and stories. Second, the subject of technology can be difficult to visually portray.
To solve the 1st challenge I chose 2 pairs of mentors and mentees who had been working together for some months and whose stories could resonate for the target audience. I was fortunate to have 2 pairs of interesting, engaging characters with positive working relationships (watch the videos and you’ll see what I mean).
To solve the 2nd challenge – portraying technology, I focused on the real world experiences that the technology represents – wine tours and connecting with friends. With the help of videographers Brian Hickey and Alex Brock, we gathered footage that told engaging, character-driven stories.
Thanks to everyone at Silicon Peel and to the participating mentors and mentees for a fun time and two terrific documentaries.[/one_half]

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Target Audience
Startup entrepreneurs and potential mentors

Raise awareness of the program and convert the target audience to become mentors or mentees.

Mini-documentaries, promotional 2 x 3 minutes

Live-action, 1st person stories

The Web

Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept development to delivery of the final project.