Prepare Your Garden for Special Occasions

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GENRE: Nonfiction – Gardening, Home and Garden, Outdoor Entertaining, Garden Staging


ISBN: 978-0-9698400-3-9


With photos and easy-to-follow steps, “Prepare Your Garden for Special Occasions” reveals the secrets to creating a stunning Garden Tour Look. Chapters cover essential details from pre-planning to safety and final touches. This book is ideal for homeowners who want their gardens to be in top shape for outdoor entertaining, weddings, or to improve curb appeal for a home sale.

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What people are saying about “Prepare Your Garden for Special Occasions”

[box style=”quote”]A valuable edition to any home or garden owner’s bookshelf. Full of practical information presented in a straightforward but unique manner that will help you with the job of getting your property ready to sparkle for that special occasion. Colin Gosden, Past President, Credit Valley Horticultural Society[/box]

[box style=”quote”]I find the book is very well done with great pictures. The step-by-step process is a winner. In my business life, 46 years has been working as a real estate broker & salesman, so I do see a lot of property detailing ideas large & small coming to thought from your book for myself and other readers.
Thomas MacGuire, Real Estate Broker and Sales[/box]

[box style=”quote”]I enjoyed this book and found it to be well thought out, approachable, and user-friendly. With its beautiful topical photographs, it is a beneficial guide filled with helpful tips and a concise useful checklist.
Barb Mathews, Past President, St. Margarets Bay Gardening Club and a lifelong gardener[/box] [/three_fourth]