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Book Trailer

Project Title: Peggy of the Cove


About the Project

As a fan of the legend of Peggy’s Cove, I was happy to help author Ivan Fraser create a trailer for his novel, Peggy of the Cove. The book was already selling locally and Ivan wanted to expand his audience reach through the web.
Though the book is a children’s novel, it has multi-generational appeal. Customer feedback told us that parents and grandparents bought the book for children but also read it themselves. The feedback also revealed that readers enjoyed the book’s tones of adventure, sentiment, and humour. To create a compelling trailer, I went with the adventurous tone.
For visuals, Ivan provided beautiful illustrations from the book plus some of his own seascape paintings. Combining these elements with original photography and video, I edited the trailer to convey the tone and themes of a lost girl’s adventure to find her identity and her real home.
The website analytics showed that the trailer was a popular click through item and was encouraging people to remain longer on the website.
Thanks, Ivan for letting me work on this fun project. Here’s to lots of book sales.[/one_half]
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Target Audience
Parents and Grandparents

Convert audience to purchase the book for children

Format and Length
Book Trailer 50-seconds

Live-action with animated illustrations and graphics


Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept development to delivery of the final project.

What the client says
“A note of appreciation for your excellent production of the Peggy of the Cove trailer . . . it’s been a huge bonus for visitors to the Peggy of the Cove website. Continued success in your future endeavours. I highly recommend you and your services to any client.”
Ivan Fraser
Author, Peggy of the Cove