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Project Title: Oakville Festivals of Film and Art

Festival Schedule page

Film Description page with trailer and ticketing


About the Project

I wanted to help the Oakville Festivals of Film and Art (OFFA) reach the next level. They had outgrown their existing website, so we started from scratch.

OFFA is a not-for-profit organization that holds an annual 3-day film festival. Based on user-needs analysis, they wanted an easy- to-navigate, scalable website with festival event functionality, including ticket sales, social media integration, newsletter sign-up, volunteer recruitment, a blog, and press outreach.

Using the film festival as a frame of reference, I designed an intuitive experience for browsing films and buying tickets. The highly visual approach involved film poster images arranged into a schedule with each poster opening to provide the film trailer, summary, showtime, and ticketing information. During the festival, the schedule doubles as a ‘program’. To help film-goers make decisions on what films to see, I created a series a film reviews and filmmaker interviews and integrated them into the schedule using a space-saving collapsible directory to preserve the schedule’s clean, distraction-free look. The other functions: newsletter, film submissions, volunteer recruitment, and social media were designed for the same mobile-friendly, clean look and interface. Everything was integrated with social media for sharing and to be used as content for OFFA’s own social media channels.

The resulting website is visually appealing and easy to use. The festival schedule can be removed from the menu when the festival event is over, then for subsequent festivals it can be easily updated with new films.

Thanks Oakville Festivals of Film and Art for the opportunity to be a part of a dynamic new film festival. The website can be viewed here. Note: The Festival Schedule page is only up during the festival period (usually May-June).[/one_half][one_half last]
Target Audience
Local film festival goers, 16-60+

Promote the festival, sell tickets, build the audience, solicit film submissions, recruit volunteers, and acknowledge supporters.

Website: Mobile-responsive and interactive with ticketing, video, photos, submission forms, newsletter sign-up, social media, and regular content updates.

A film culture, mobile-1st, clean, highly visual look.

Internet, mobile

Services Provided
Needs analysis, design, build, integration for social media, newsletter, volunteer recruitment and analytics, and content creation including video, graphics, photography, and over 30 articles including film reviews and filmmaker interviews.

What the client says
“As a volunteer-run, not-for-profit arts organization that serves discerning festival-goers, OFFA needed a top shelf website that could be built within a tight budget and schedule. Cathleen MacDonald designed OFFA’s new website from the ground up with the focus on promoting the festival and giving users an easy, intuitive film browsing and ticket buying experience. Cathleen also created and edited content for the site: original articles and videos, and she curated photography into a gallery that showcases the festival to supporters, filmmakers, and the public. The resulting website makes OFFA look good and satisfies our customers and stakeholders. The intuitive film browsing and ticket-buying design has helped us sell more tickets and has saved us time and money by reducing customer service calls. I recommend Cathleen and her team to anyone who needs a well-designed, content-rich website that looks and works great.”

Wendy Donnan
Executive Director, Oakville Festivals of Film and Art[/one_half]