Mood Disorders Society of Canada

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Public Service Announcement

Project Title: Defeat Depression


About the Project

I had connected with Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) through another project, so when they asked for assistance to produce a national PSA, I was delighted to help.

MDSC wanted to mobilize Canadians to participate in their fundraising campaign, Defeat Depression. Since this was their 1st national broadcast PSA, they needed help to achieve a national look and to navigate the process to get their PSA approved and on television.

We began with the client’s existing video footage of two Defeat Depression fundraising events. This saved the cost of shooting new footage but it presented a challenge. The footage consisted of generic event coverage with no basis in a concept or script. We needed to pull a compelling message out of it. Using a “make it in the editing room” documentary approach, we crafted and contextualized bits of location interviews and shots and combined them with text and graphics. The resulting PSA has a clear compelling message and a polished look that is the equal of higher budgeted broadcast spots. The PSA is designed to work for years to come so it can annually inspire people to participate and fundraise for mental health.

Thanks Mood Disorders Society of Canada! It was a pleasure to work on this project with your team.[/one_half]
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Target Audience
Adults with a connection or commitment to mental health issues

Mobilize the target audience to join or organize fundraising events.

PSA 30-seconds

Live action with music and graphics

National Broadcast and the Web

Services Provided
Concept development, scripting, post-production, closed-captioning, obtain Telecaster number and coordinate national delivery to broadcasters.

What the client says

“What stood out most for us was the collaborative approach to this project that Cathleen brought to the table. She asked thorough questions to ensure she fully understood exactly what we were aiming for, supported us during the project by educating us on all possible choices and options, as well as offered how each choice would impact our objectives. We were guided through the project by a calm steady hand and were continuously provided with the applicable information that allowed us to make fully informed decisions. I can attest to the fact that the manner in which Motion Picture Enterprises managed the project relieved a great deal of workload and stress from our organization. I will definitely use their services again and would highly recommend them to any organization that is looking for effective, results-based promotions or media work.

Dave Gallson
Associate National Executive Director
Mood Disorders Society of Canada