Ivan Fraser, Author

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Project Title: Finding Peggy


About the Project

When author Ivan Fraser told me how he had struggled to read and write since childhood, I wanted to help him share his story and inspire others to read and write.

Ivan is a talented oral storyteller, so I went with a 1st-person mini-documentary format. With characteristic zeal, Ivan recruited his family to recreate scenes from his book, Peggy of the Cove. His wife, April, sewed a period smock for a young family member who has an uncanny resemblance to the main character, Peggy. The period wardrobe and the beautiful historic locations provided a perfect setting and look.

The story of Peggy’s search for her identity could be a metaphor of Ivan’s own journey to overcome a lifelong struggle to read and write. Thanks for a fun and very worthwhile project.[/one_half]
[one_half last]Target Audience

Promote the author and the book through an inspiring story.

Mini-documentary, author profile, 4-minutes

Live-action with motion illustrations

The Web

Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept development to delivery of the final project.

What the client says
“Practically every visitor from away wants to know how Peggy’s Cove was named and who Peggy was. The video has sparked great interest on the website and your mentoring on the whole Peggy Project has been outstanding.”

Ivan Fraser
Author, Peggy of the Cove