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This series of 25 x 23-minute episodes is available on DVD and is offered in 6 volumes (4 episodes in each volume). Get the entire series (approximately 9 hours of programming) or select your favourite volumes. GENRE: Documentary, Animals AUDIENCE: Family Originally broadcast by Discovery Channel (Canada) and Animal Planet (Canada). SERIES SUMMARY: “Working Animals” takes you around …


[button link=”″ color=”red” target=”_blank” size=”medium” title=”Order on DVD”]Buy DVD[/button] RUNTIME: 46-minutes GENRE: Factual Format, Animals AUDIENCE: Family SUMMARY: A fast, amazing, brain-teasing test about the weird and wonderful ways animals help people. Ten categories range from the Most Dangerous to the Most Helpful animals. What’s your animal IQ?

Prepare Your Garden for Special Occasions

  [raw] [one_fourth][button link=”” color=”red” target=”_self” size=”medium” title=”Buy for Kindle”]Buy for Kindle[/button][/one_fourth] [three_fourth last] GENRE: Nonfiction – Gardening, Home and Garden, Outdoor Entertaining, Garden Staging AUDIENCE: Adult ISBN: 978-0-9698400-3-9 SUMMARY With photos and easy-to-follow steps, “Prepare Your Garden for Special Occasions” reveals the secrets to creating a stunning Garden Tour Look. Chapters cover essential details …