Animal IQ Test

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Documentary special

Project Title: Animal IQ Test


About the Project

When Animal Planet Canada asked me to produce a fast-paced entertaining animal special, I was thrilled. We had already established a relationship through their airing of my 26-episode series, Working Animals, so they were confident I could deliver a cool animal show.

Developing the concept for Animal IQ Test was a breeze because Animal Planet’s programming executive, Sam Linton knew her audience and she knew what she wanted for the channel. We quickly came up with an entertaining top-ten quiz style format that engaged the audience to test their knowledge.

Thanks Animal Planet Canada for a fun, fast-paced show.
[one_half last]Target Audience

Entertain while informing about the wonderful ways animals and people work together.

Documentary 1-hour

Live-action, top-ten quiz with animated graphics


Services Provided
Complete creative services from concept development to delivery of the final project.