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Teaser for a drama series

Teaser for interactive digital component (click on cues to choose your own story path)

Project Title: Alive


About the Project

In response to the way mainstream culture tends to stigmatize mental illness, MPE, with research from a number of mental health not-for-profits, developed a concept for a drama series to authentically portray teens with mental illnesses. To fund the project we had to prove the concept had popular audience appeal. The solution was a fundraising video that doubles as an audience test. Using initial audience research, I wrote a script for a short that shows the story of teens struggling to fit in. To overcome assumptions that the topic can be earnest and downbeat, I went with a hopeful tone and heightened the poignancy by going with action and a music track instead of using dialogue. Singer-songwriter Gavin Slate graciously gave permission to use his song, “Life as a Salesman”.
The small budget called for a thoroughly planned one-day shoot with a small crew. On the day of filming, the superb young actors delivered authentic performances under the direction of Alan Powell. Blustery weather and rain threatened to complicate exterior filming but Alan turned the grey drizzle into a compelling look.
We’re delighted that the video and its interactive version successfully attracted support and funds for the project’s next stage – script research and writing.[/one_half]
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Target Audience

Secure funding to develop the project for production.

Teaser, 3:20 minutes with interactive version

Live-action drama with music and graphics

Presentation screen and the Web

Services Provided
Complete creative and technical services from concept to delivery, social media campaign, obtained development financing.