“Alive” series and interactive videos

hand-crafted motion pictures and digital experiences for all screens


SUMMARY: Coming from different social cliques, enigmatic Alex and sociable Jenna appear to lead ordinary lives of fun, friends, family, and dreams for the future. Appearances unravel and secrets are revealed as Alex develops schizophrenia and Jenna struggles with her own mental disorder. To survive, the two must forge an alliance to navigate a world that treats them as outcasts. As they fight back together, they discover strengths and resiliency they never knew they had and they prove that in a crazy world, they are the sane ones.

This series is being developed for digital with interactive videos. Enjoy the concept video (below) featuring the song “Life as a Salesman” by music artist Gavin Slate.


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The serial is authentic in tone, with a cinematic look and a soundtrack with original music.

Supplementary interactive videos engage the audience to explore decisions and interactions involving the characters. This project proposes to use an interactive video platform like EKO or similar. The EKO platform can be found at https://helloeko.com/stories


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GENRE: Coming-of-age drama

AUDIENCE: 14-24, connected, peer-oriented, fans of dramas about relatable characters.

FORMAT: 12 x 6-8 minute serial episodes

COMPONENTS: Series, website, interactive videos, behind-the-scenes videos, blog, social media.

[box style=”quote”]We are delighted to announce that season one’s episodes are being scripted with development financing from The TELUS Fund.[/box]